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We started a Hot Tub Rental Company in a rural area in early 2000. We were always looking for new way to evolve and provide a cost effective way to stay healthy and enjoy family and friend. With every new product launch, our goal is to deliver the convenience and benefits of a new experiences to every household, by using our innovative inflatable hot tub or paddle boards that features true portability and its top-notch material.  At Go Hot Tubs and More…, we aim to have our hot tub and paddle boards stand for excellence, enjoyment and lifestyle. Our goal is to embrace expertise and advanced technology to promote Comfortable, Portable and Affordable spa and paddle boarding experiences to create a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness. We have included Paddle Boards to our line of product in 2015. Stand up paddle boarding is becoming more popular each year. Hawaiians have been using it for centuries as a means to keep fit when the waves are not adequate for surfing. In the last several years, millions of people have begun to enjoy paddle boarding, while standing (SUP). People now engage in stand-up paddling to enjoy the water, spend time with friends, and to improve their fitness level.