• Luxury Exotic (6 Person)

INFLATABLE HOT TUBS: Spa treatment is no doubt a great way to beat stress and feel recharged. Enhance your spa experience in a more convenient and affordable way. This is the first REAL inflatable and portable hydrotherapy jet spa with hydro-technology solutions designed to bring you advanced yet user friendly spa products. RELAX, REFRESH & REJUVENATE. Relax and enjoy your private hydrotherapy session, Spend some quality time with your family, Beat the tiredness and muscle pain after a long day work and throw an HOT TUB party with your friends or just some romantic time with the one you love.

INFLATABLE STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS (iSUP): are an increasingly common sight on the water as more people experience this fantastic way to exercise, stay health and keep fit. These iSUP’s are larger boards and the desire to travel with them has led to the popularity of inflatable SUP systems, where the board and pump can be carried in a back pack. Thousands of locked nylon stitches keep the board at a specific thickness and pressure from specially designed hand pumps can inflate a board up to 15 -20Psi. This creates a board not less rigid than a hard board and noT less durable, but plenty lighter. We offer a great selection of inflatable SUP, suitable for all skill levels from beginner to more experienced boarders. Look out for our selection of Inflatable SUP boards, which offer all the thrills and surfing pleasure but not only cost considerably less, but are far easier to transport and store.